Vol. 2 No. 1; March 2014

Business Students’ Interests in Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship at a Historically Black Institution
Falih M. Alsaaty, David Abrahams, Ella Carter
Indian Women Investors:Emotional Decision Makers?
Dev Prasad, M. R. Shollapur, Shridevi V. Patted
Saving Practices Nexus Performance of Small Scale Businesses Owned by Women in Africa: The Case of Tanzania
Msoka Elizabeth M
A Linear Programming Model of Integrating Flexibility Measures into Production Processes with Cost Minimization
Ing. Lenka Veselovska
Innovation and Barriers to Innovation: Small and Medium Enterprises in Addis Ababa
Sileshi Talegeta
The Growth of Innovative Performance among SMEs: Leveraging on Organisational Culture and Innovative Human Capital
Hasliza Abdul Halim, Noor Hazlina Ahmad, T Ramayah, Haniruzila Hanifah
Engagement of disabled people in Entrepreneurship Programmes in Zimbabwe
Piason Viriri, Shepard Makurumidze
Entrepreneurship Development: Who Creates Jobs?
Anukam Amaobi Isaac, Amaefule Iwu Anthony
Differences in Age, Gender, Social Norm and Education as Determinant of Entrepreneurial Behaviour in Southern Nigeria
Christabel Divine Brownson
Analysis of Guerrilla and Traditional Marketing Interface in Improving the Productivity of Organizational Marketing in Small and Meduim Size Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria
Anukam Amaobi Isaac
An Analysis of Socioeconomic Profile of Rural Sugarcane Farmers in District Muzaffar Garh, Pakistan
Nusrat Habib, Muhammad Zubair Anwar