An Insight into the Human Resource Management Practices Adopted by Entrepreneurs in South Africa
Jennifer Chishamiso Nzonzo, Martha Matashu

Entrepreneurs play a pivotal role in contributing to economic development in many countries. As such, it is within this construct that research within the discourse of entrepreneurship should advocate for the need to explore on Human Resource Management (HRM) initiatives that positively influence entrepreneurship. Therefore, this paper adopts a conceptual analysis of the HRM practices adopted by entrepreneurs’ in South Africa. The findings highlight four distinctcategories of entrepreneurship in HRM. The first category reveals the extent to whichHRM practices adopted by entrepreneurs in South Africa are changing. In the second category, the HRM functions are clearly delineated with areas such as training and development, recruitment and selection elaborated. In the third category, the role of government in fostering good HRM practices is highlighted. In the fourth category a diverse and multi-faceted area of HRM practice in entrepreneurship is highlighted. In conclusion and also taking into cognisance the four distinct categories an HRM centric model for entrepreneurship is presented which underscores the need for flexibility and pragmatism in the adoption of HRM policies and procedures.The results of this study will inform policy in terms of strategies, guidelines and tools for effective HRM practices by entreprenuers.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jsbed.v2n3-4a5