Is Moderator Opportunity a Trigger Factor for the Contribution of Small Startup Business to the Mechanism Of Self-Organized Entrepreneur Behavior?
CAI Li, Ann Dodor, Felix Opoku Boabeng, Shoaib Asim

More and more people are motivated by one thing or the other to start a business. Globally, this entrepreneurship has become the main trend. Drawing on theories from entrepreneurship literature, this paper explore which mechanism factors contributes to startup business from outside and inside trigger factor ecosystem. Logistic regression analysis method was applied to predict the startup of a business in selforganized enterprise using market opportunity, accumulation of experience and entrepreneurial resources as predictors using 710 samples. The results from the entrepreneur indicate that startup trigger factors demonstrated that all the three variables have a significant contribution to the prediction survey. Market opportunity, experience of entrepreneur and own current resources. Intuition of inside triggers and Startup capital, market opportunities, general training by government from outside of the opportunities that entrepreneurs have, easily enable them to startup a business.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jsbed.v5n2a11