Nascent Women Entrepreneurs and the Influence of Social Networks on Small Business Outcomes
Rebecca L. Upton, PhD, MPH; Emma J. Broming, CVA; Lee O. Upton, MS, MBA, CVA

Nascent entrepreneurs must leverage valuable resources, including human, financial, intellectual, and social capital in order to increase the likelihood of success. With the rise of networking technologies such as LinkedIn, Biznik, Cofoundr, and Facebook, social network analysis, long utilized as a method for organizational analysis, has taken center stage in popular understanding of entrepreneurial success. The composition and quality of social networks, however, varies among male and female entrepreneurs and can have a direct impact upon the business outcomes for each. Using PSED data, this research investigates the gendered differences and structural disparities in the networks of early entrepreneurs.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jsbed.v7n1a1