An Analysis of Critical Challenges of Corporate Entrepreneurship for Manager of Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria: A Thematic Approach
Khalid Garba

This study evaluated the challenges managers face with corporate entrepreneurship (innovation) in Nigeria. Anonline interview was used to collect information from 50 managers all over Nigeria to determine the gravity of the challenges faced by manufacturing companies. The study adopted a qualitative method of research (thematic theory). The research evaluated both the macro and micro level challenges to an accurate outcome. The findings showed that three significant challenges (macro) the managers face are electricity outage, property rights and lack of capital. The electricity shortage has a significant effect on corporate entrepreneurship in manufacturing companies, which is capital intensive. Due to the high cost of corporate entrepreneurship, capital is a vital factor in implementing new concepts; the majority of managers the face substantial difficulty acquiring capital. On the micro level, the mangers the most significant challenge are lack of technical capabilities and facilities to support innovation.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jsbed.v8n2a1