Is Disruptive Innovation Your Entrepreneurial Vision?
Falih M. Alsaaty, Kavita Kapur, Augustin Ntembe

The essence of the entrepreneurial process is for the entrepreneur to identify disruptive innovation opportunities, assess their potential, and take advantage of the best available. In addition, the entrepreneur's vision-based strategic initiatives for venture creation, growth, and sustainable competitive advantage should guide the entrepreneurial process. Entrepreneurs with clear, well-conceived, disruptive innovation vision are likely to be more successful than those with blurred or aimless vision. Business success is inextricably associated with entrepreneurs’ ability to develop vision-based disruptive innovation strategies to benefit from the growing business opportunities. Thus, vision-based innovation is the ingredient for venture progress and its survival. The purpose of this research is to illustrate the importance of targeted entrepreneurial vision, discuss essential factors that influence its development, and touch upon the relevance of disruptive innovation ventures for entrepreneurial success. The study suggests that government and educational establishments should take the lead in supporting programs that promote entrepreneurial vision-based innovations and ventures.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jsbed.v9n2a2